Adhesanya: I will be a historic UFC fighter

In the new issue of Submission Radio, the Nigerian middleweight UFC spoke about his future career plans and shared his impressions of a personal meeting with Dan White.

Already before the fight with Derek Brunson, Israel Adhesanya received a lot of attention from MMA fans and journalists. After his bright victory, this attention became even greater, and Dana White himself personally met with the fighter to discuss future plans for his career. According to Adesanya, the meeting was a success, and the UFC President took him under his care.

“Of course, we have seen each other a couple of times,” said Adesanya. “But this time we really sat down at the same table and discussed business, everything went the way I imagined. We look at things the same way and appreciate each other’s work. We discussed a lot, the meeting lasted about 45 minutes. Dana looks after me, in a sense, he took me under his care. Many guys who have been working for this company for a long time, but do not get so much attention, will hate me, but I don’t care. I have always been different from others and stood out. So I just keep working. Dana inspires me, this meeting showed that I can rewrite history and make a lot of money. ”

Of course, everyone is interested in another important question – who will be the next opponent of Adesanya. Earlier, the fighter stated that he was offered to become a reserve in case of injuries before the fight of Kelvin Gastelum and Robert Wittaker. Adesanya refused this role, and now he has intrigued everyone even more, saying that his next fight will be historic.

“Dana already had plans for me, but I had my own plan. Therefore, we needed to meet. When you talk to me live – this is not at all like on the phone. You feel with what passion I’m talking about something, I can convince a person. And now he supports my plan, he liked him, I managed to sell him my idea. Now it remains only to wait until everything is realized. If the guy we agreed on agrees to fight, and I think that he will agree, our fight will be historic, just blow up the public. In fact, Dana and I thought about the same opponent for me. We simply differently represented my steps to this fight. And when I offered him my plan, he liked him. And my next plans are grand too. If something happens before the fight between Gastelum and Whittaker, perhaps I will consider replacing it. But for now their fight is in force, and I follow my plan. Soon you will find out about everything. ”

In conclusion, Adesanya told what he thinks about the current middleweight champion and representative of Australia, Robert Wittaker.

“I think that Robert will win the battle with Gastelum. I put on him in this duel. In general, he is the guy who does not like to work with the media. Even people from the UFC and Dana himself talk about it. I also don’t particularly like to do this, but I’m trying. Now it’s part of the sport and if you want to be a superstar, you have to get used to talking to the press. He does not like all this, so he is not as popular as he could be right now. Yes, he is a champion, but now I have more HYIP. ”

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