Curtis Blades: I’m going for my title. UFC

The third number of the UFC heavyweights rating, Curtis Blades, responded to the recent comment by Daniel Cormier, and also announced that sooner or later he would become the champion of the UFC.

“Cormier expressed me respect,” Blades told MMAJunkie. “Real people recognize other real people. He knows that I am following the title. I have talked about this for the past eight months. But the fact that he raised this topic confirms the significance of my words. ”

“I will get this belt. This year, next year, in 2020, it does not matter. I still get this belt. It’s unavoidable”

Blades also noted that in the upcoming battle Ngannu will not have any advantages.

“I know that he will not fight better. I also know that he will not be in better physical shape than me. And I understand that he is under some pressure, because for the first time in his career he lost in two fights in a row. These are things in which I can be one hundred percent certain. ”

Recall that the fight between Francis Nganna and Curtis Blades will be the main event of the UFC Fight Night 141 tournament, which will be held on November 24 in Beijing.

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