Gunnar Lesnar: I want to play 75 kg. UFC

UFC Icelandic Welterweight, Gunnar Nelson (16-3-1), joined the fighters in favor of creating a new division.

On his return after injury: “I am glad to return, as I have been away for a long time. I was looking forward to the fight with Magni with great impatience, but unfortunately I was injured. But now my knee has fully recovered and I am ready to return to the cause. ”

On the possible creation of a division up to 75 kilograms: “For me it would be perfect. I can easily descend into this category, since I have no problems with cracking, I almost don’t drive weight. ”

On the problem of weight racers in MMA: “It would be great if we solved the problem with weight reduction. Most of the fighters chase the weight, to immediately gain it and fight with rivals who weigh the same, so why not get rid of this shit and not let the guys just perform in their weight?

It may be worthwhile to introduce limits on the amount of weight that a fighter can gain after weighing. As far as I know, in some organizations they begin to monitor the condition of the fighters seven or even ten days before the fight, and if their level of dehydration reaches a certain level, then these fighters are removed from the tournament. I don’t really understand these things, but I’m sure there are ways to solve this problem. ”

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