Harry Thonon answers questions from Twitter fans

Richard Scholl : “How do you feel after the first victory in MMA ? What would you like to change in your speech if you could? Congratulations! ”

Harry Thonon : “The main thing I would like to change is to stop playing in the men’s division. Tomorrow I will do a sex change operation and become Gabby Thonon and hold my debut match in the women’s MMA for three months. ”

Thomas : “How long have you been honing your percussion technique compared to grappling and BJJ ? ”

Harry Thonon : “I have been training grappling for 11 years, so the ratio will be about 1:20”

Ben Alexander : “If EBI arranges a super-game, who would you prefer to meet with – Habib or Tony?”

Harry Thonon : “Habib would have had a more impressive fight”

Alex : “In what weight divisions could you perform?”

Harry Thonon </ em>: “In ONE FC I will be able to fight light and welterweight. In another organization, I may be able to keep within the framework of a featherweight division “

Alex : “Would you be able to counter something Habibu if you met him in the octagon?”

Harry Thonon : “Not now. Of course, there is a chance that I can catch it on the sabmishn, but at this stage of my career I’m not ready for this fight. In addition, Nurmagomedov is much more than me ”

Jim Edwards : “What are the conditions of your contract with ONE FC?” How long do you plan to speak in this organization? ”

Harry Thonon : “I do not have to reveal all the secrets, but, definitely, I’ll be here until I get the belt”

Capt Skunkbird : “Congratulations on the victory, excellent performance. What is your future goal in mixed martial arts after you have felt the taste of victory? ”

Harry Thonon : “My goal is to destroy my rivals, see how they are afraid of me, and hear the crying of their women. Actually – to become the greatest fighter for all time “, – has finished Тонон.

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The article was prepared by the news magazine “Fight Club“.