McGregor was offered $ 5,000,000 for a fight with a kickboxer. UFC

Coach of the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, John Kavana, said that recently Conor McGregor was offered to take part in a fight against a kickboxer for a large amount of money.

“I received a message a few days ago,” Kavana told the True Geordie podcast. “It said that the Chinese kickboxer wanted to fight with Conor for five million dollars in a three-round fight”

“His promoter wanted to conclude an escrow agreement. So it didn’t look like he was just joking. Again, I receive millions of similar messages every day. But you just do not pay attention to it. Although this guy had connections, and it was a full deal. I know well the promoter who represents this fighter – he is quite a famous person. Therefore, he would not offer something frivolous ”

Kavana did not specify whether it was a full-fledged official match, or conditions similar to the format of the match between Floyd Mayweather and Tenshin Nasukawa were proposed. Recall that a three-round bout between an American boxer and a Japanese kickboxer is declared an exhibition and will not carry the status of an official match.

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