Natan Borovytskyi is the first Kharkov citizen in Bellator

Today we are presenting an exclusive interview which our news magazine “Fight Club” took from
the first Kharkov citizen, who was signed into one of the most elite promotions of the planet “Bellator”.

Meet Natan Borovytskyi.

He was born in August 10, 1993, in Kharkov.

Natan, what was your first experience in martial arts?

When I was a child, I used to watch cartoons on video tapes, a lot of cartoons and Tom and Jerry was my favorite cartoon. Tapes weren’t signed, and somehow, I mixed up cartoons with fights. Then I included a selection of knockouts by Mike Tyson. The first few seconds I didn’t understand what was happening, but then I really liked it. Also, that day I found the tape of the first UFC tournaments, but they didn’t impress me as much as Mike Tyson. After that, I asked my dad to take me to boxing. But he took me to taekwondo, it was in the small village of Podvorki, in the school. The trainer was, the son of a chemistry teacher. I was 5 years old, the moment with the replacement of tapes for some reason brightly reverted in my memory. The coach, in my opinion, was called Sergey, but I do not remember that for sure.

How and when was the first time you discovered MMA for yourself?

For the first time MMA for myself, I discovered in early childhood, as far as you could already guess, as many videos I found and watched on YouTube. But at a conscious age, I got to the final of the “Oplot” tournament (it was their last tournament in Kharkov). I definitely understood that I would go to some hall of the MMA to try myself as a fighter, after the battle of Paata Robakidze vs Artak Nazaryan. Live, like the atmosphere of the fight as there, i had never seen before, it was cool. So I went to the MMA.

натан боровицкий

How are your professional trainings?

Training is as always, with pleasure. I’ll start the training camp for a month and a half before the fight, there will be 2 trainings in a day and one day off.

The first victory, at a serious championship on MMA, what were your emotions?

Serious championships were only in Thai boxing and K-1. And the first amateur fight on MMA, was for me the heaviest. It was not even harder. There was this fight in 2014 and I won it.

What kind of victory can you boast the most?

I can’t really boast of it, but I liked most of all how I won the European Championship in K-1 in Lithuania in 2012

натан боровицкий

Was there ever a glut of training, perhaps because of occupational injuries?

I haven’t any professional injuries serious yet. Well, I did not want to quit sports at all. The beauty of mma is that you can change the kind of activity and it will still go to the plus athlete, I think so.

What is your training schedule? Is there any free time at all? If there is time, then how do you spend it?

My schedule is chaotic and I don’t know what I’m going to do in the evening, but I know for sure that I’ll do something (boxing, wrestling, swimming, running, physical training and so on …) My friend has a room for Acrobatics, MMA and crossfit, the cell is also there. Usually I come there, and time flies quickly, imperceptibly and effectively. Free time is, it is spent for computer games, extreme rest.

Was there ever a particularly memorable defeat?

Yes, I remember one defeat. I like having a mononucleosis. First I lost 10 kg, then I gained 13 kg in a short time. And after not a long period of time, there was a selection for the world championship in Thai boxing. My, thank God former coach, said that I need to throw back 13 kg, since this is my real weight, and I will be better in it. Naturally, there were no methods except cardio loads, and small portions of food intake. No food supplements that would support me in tonus (amino acids, bzu), etc. All this against the background of the last illness affected me not in my favor. It seems to me, against whom I would not come out at that moment, I would lose. I went to the ring then against a very good and strong opponent, Alexei Lyubchenko. The first round, I somehow held out, at half-time, seconds asked: “why his lips are blue?” There was no answer. I went to the second round, I wanted to drink heavily, in a cold shower and sleep. Referee of the international category Andrei Marchuk stopped this beating, I am very grateful to him!

натан боровицкий

What kind of victory and who are you most proud of?

You know, there are no such victories. Emotions after the fight last about 2-3 days, if they won – positive, lost – negative, then I make some conclusion for myself, and I go further. I do not acquire human qualities from victory or defeat, only experience that is useful for future confrontations.

What kind of victory and who are you most proud of?

You know, there are no such victories. Emotions after the fight last about 2-3 days, if they won – positive, lost – negative, then I make some conclusion for myself, and I go further. I do not acquire human qualities from victory or defeat, only experience that is useful for future confrontations.

How do you tune in before important fights?

I am a person of mood, and each time is not like the other. I can be very nervous, too unnecessary, but I can’t feel emotion. I have not studied myself yet, but I want to win to the last, that’s for sure.

How and who noticed you and invited to “Bellator”?

Under the contract, I have no right to disclose this information. But I’m grateful to a number of people, and they, or some of the people involved in this, will probably read this article, know, “Thank you so much.”

What emotions did you have after you learned about this proposal, because you are the first Kharkov citizen who got to Bellator and just one of several Ukrainians who are part of this organization?

You know, the day before, there was no mood, I didn’t sleep all night, in short, broke up with my girlfriend. In the morning, lying on the couch. And suddenly message came on my phone, that I want to fight in Bellator? I didn’t think at all. Immediately replied “Yes” This is the second largest organization in the world. I dreamed about it from the very beginning of the MMA. Emotions overwhelmed me, went to sleep, went out into the yard, walked around, did not fully understand what was happening, but I knew exactly what I wanted, and this is not a point of return. I have not told anyone about this for a long time. And of course it’s cool to be a pioneer!

How do you prepare for your debut?

I’m training in Italy at the moment. Training camp will begin in Ukraine.

Will you have a difficult opponent and how do you assess your strength?

I can’t say who my rival is, I can say that the spectators expect a war of styles. My powers? I am stronger than ever

And did you have any interesting stories or situations related to MMA?

My path to MMA is just beginning, the best is yet to come

Perhaps you would like to say hello to someone or just thank you?

Hello Brother Jr. Leon, the boys on “Kulinichi” hello, of course, they will understand. And say “Hello” to my cat, now he will eat the most delicious food.

What would you recommend to beginning athletes, what kind of motivation should they have?

Beginners should get high from the chosen sport and train in pleasure. He takes care of his health.

The article is written by the news magazine “Fight Club