Ngannou is ready for battle with Curtis Blades. UFC

The fourth number of the UFC heavyweights rating, Francis Ngannou, spoke about his psychological state after the fight with Stipe Mioczic, the reboot after the fight with Derrick Lewis and the plans for a rematch with Curtis Blades.

“I was under a lot of pressure,” Ngannou said in an interview with the South China Morning Post. “I put myself in a situation that I could not cope with. When I realized that everything was going wrong, I took a step back. I tried to remind myself why I was here, and what made me decide to become a fighter. And then I realized that it was my dream. It was not a random choice. What brought me here? My talent At some point I forgot about it. ”

Ngann once again admitted that the defeat of Stipe Miocich affected his performance in a duel with Derrick Lewis, who many consider the worst in the history of the heavy UFC division.

“At that time, I still felt the effects of the fight with Stipe. I carried this defeat to octagon. But you can be sure that this will not happen again. You will see the former Ngannou. ”

In his own words, Francis conducted work on the mistakes and promised to remove all the issues in the confrontation with Blades.

“When I dreamed of a boxing career in my little Cameroon, no one believed in me. I plowed, did everything that was needed, and today I am here. I achieved this with my work and faith in myself. Even after two defeats, I do not think that I am at the bottom. I still have a fire in my heart and now I believe in myself even more. I learned a lot from the last two fights. I’ll be back stronger than before, and soon you will see for yourself. ”

“I respect him and expect a hard fight. I started late in this sport, but I train hard. I can handle Blades because I train day and night. I am sure that this Saturday I’ll shock him again. ”

Recall that the fight between Francis Ngannou and Curtis Blades will be the main event of the UFC Fight Night 141 tournament, which will be held on November 24 in Beijing.

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