Overee google who is Pavlovich. UFC

The former contender for the UFC heavyweight championship title, Alistair Overeem, admitted that he did not know anything about Sergei Pavlovich when he was offered a fight with a Russian heavyweight, but this did not prevent him from immediately accepting the duel.

According to the former champion DREAM, Strikeforce, and K-1, he is ready to fight everyone, but for the first time in his career he had to use the search on the world wide web to find out at least something about his next opponent.

“This is his debut in the UFC, and his name was absolutely unknown to me, so I had to google, about whom it is and who Pavlovich is,” – said the Dutchman in a pre-match interview. “He is undefeated, and motivated to continue to go without defeat. He is a strong young guy. When I am offered fights with this type of fighters, I always say yes. Fans can count on a very entertaining match. ”

Having suffered two early defeats in a row, Overeem hopes this Saturday to do everything possible to bring his career back to a successful track.

“Now I am one of the veterans, and I think my track record is something special. It seems that I have been fighting for ages. 88 fights, including fights in K-1, PRIDE and all other organizations. For me, it was always “pan, or gone.” Or I will destroy, or destroy me. I basically destroyed, and this time I plan to return to the path of destruction “

According to the Dutch heavyweight, he is not going to bring the fight to the decision of the judges.

“I will finish him off.” This fight will not go the whole distance. It will be an early ending. ”

Recall that the match between Alistair Overeem and Sergey Pavlovich will be the second most significant event of the UFC Fight Night 141 tournament, which will be held on November 24 in Beijing.

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