Shaun O’Malley earns $ 4,500 from video games

The lightest UFC fighter, Sean O’Malley (10-0), explained what he did during the disqualification.

“Two operations in a row and disqualification for what I did not commit. But I keep a positive attitude. Now I am very keen on computer games, and it helps me. People often ask if I train. Frankly, I could not train because of problems with my hip. Just last week, I stopped walking on crutches. So I was just playing Fortnite live, spinning my channel on the Twitch platform.

Now, thanks to games, I earn about $ 4,500 a month. I just do what I love. I am fond of video games from early childhood. When I was offered to start streaming, I thought that no one would look at me. But for nine months I have been broadcasting and I have a small group of loyal fans, ”said O’Malley.

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