Yana Kunitskaya: Russians are ungrateful to MMA fighters

Ex-champion Invicta FC in bantamweight, and the recent contender for the title of UFC in the featherweight category, Yana Kunitskaya, criticized the domestic fans for the negative, which they address the Russian fighters, instead of giving them support.

“It seems to me that the Russians who perform in the MMA have the worst support of their compatriots. If you open Habib Nurmagomedov’s Instagram, then all negative will be in Russian. I am very pleased with my fans, so many pleasant words and support daily, but sometimes very unpleasant things are written, and it’s not strange that 100% of these messages come from RU, and now Fedor …. it’s scary to read. Is it because of envy? Unless a normal person will muddy a compatriot, who, for example, just became a champion? “- wrote Kunitskaya in Instagram.

Recall that two months ago, Ian Kunitskaya in the debut match under the banner of the UFC made an unsuccessful attempt to take away the title of featherweight Chris Cyborg, losing a formidable Brazilian technical knockout in the first round.

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